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Got Wordle brain block today? We feel you. Some days those green, yellow, and gray squares taunt us no matter how many word combos we try. But don’t stress – we are here to help with a few hints into get you on the right track. Whether you need a starting word tip or help narrowing down some of  tricky letters, we’ve got your back. And, We know how satisfying it is to see that row and green squares pop up when you finally nail the word of the day. So take a deep breath and get ready into master today’s puzzle, because we’re serving up the hints you need to keep your Wordle hints win streak going.

How Wordle Works and Today’s Rules

Wordle is pretty straightforward. After each guess, the tiles will turn green, yellow, or stay gray. Green means you got the letter in the right spot. Yellow means the letter is in the word, just not in that position.

Make Educated Guesses

For example, if you have _ E _ E _, you know the word contains two Es. So you might guess a word like ‘seeee’ just to determine where those Es belong. Don’t leave any guesses blank – every guess provides another clue.

With some logic and deduction, you’ll be solving Wordle puzzles in no time. And remember, we’re here to provide hints to help you along the way. No need to stress – just have fun with it! Now get guessing and good luck solving today’s puzzle!

Our Clues of Hints for Today’s Wordle Puzzle

Okay word gamers, listen up! We’ve got the inside scoop on today’s Wordle and are here to provide some helpful hints so you can figure it out. ### Our first clue: The word contains two vowels. Common, we know, but at least now you can focus on words with two vowels.

Second, the word has no repeating letters. So you can cross out options like ‘hello’ or ‘pizza’. This narrows down the options quite a bit.

Third, the word ends in ‘y’. Now you have a pattern to look for. Try entering ‘-y’ and see what options pop up that also have two vowels and no repeats.

Next, the word refers to something fast or speedy. Think synonyms like ‘quick’, ‘rapid’ or ‘swift’. If you enter a word like ‘speedy’ into Wordle, you’ll get new letter options to work with.

###Finally, the word rhymes with ‘snappy’. Putting all these clues together, the answer should be obvious now! You’ve got this.

The key is using what you know to determine new letters and narrow down the options. If you get stuck, just come back and re-read the clues. Keep at it and the solution will come to you! You’ve got the skills, now get to guessing!

Guess common letters

Letters like T, N, R, S and H show up frequently in Wordle words. Try entering words that contain some of these common letters to determine if any letters are in the right position. For example, guess a word like ‘heart’ or ‘think’ to check for T, H and other letters.

Make use of the keyboard

The QWERTY keyboard layout contains many common letters that are close together. Try guessing words that use adjacent letters on the keyboard, like ‘wasd’ or ‘qwer’. Chances are, at least one of those letters will appear in the word.

Think of words with double letters

Many words contain double letters, like ‘balloon’ or ‘coffee’. Try guessing words with double letters in different positions to determine if the word contains any. Double letters are a great way to figure out two letters at once!.

Fun Facts About Today’s Wordle Solution

Today’s Wordle solution, “jaunty”, has an interesting history and origin. Let’s explore some fun facts about this word:

Wordle FAQ: Answering All Your Game Questions

There any tips or strategies to help me win?

Yes, here are a few helpful tips:

•Focus on consonants first. Vowels are trickier to guess correctly. Try words with common consonants like S, T, R, or N.

•Use common letters. Letters like E, A, and O appear frequently in English words. Try guess words with those letters.

•Look for word patterns. Try to figure out if the word has double letters, common prefixes or suffixes. The position of yellow letters can also reveal word patterns.

•Make each guess count. Try not to repeat letters from previous guesses and avoid obscure words. Stick to simple, common words that are more likely to be the solution.

•Take your time. Think carefully about each guess.

•Have fun! Don’t stress over getting the word. Just enjoy figuring out the clues and guessing the word. Win or lose, Wordle is meant to entertain.

How often are new Wordle puzzles released?

A new Wordle puzzle is released once a day at midnight. The solution word is selected from a list of thousands of five-letter words. No two players will have the exact same sequence of words, so each solving experience is unique.

Are there any similar word guessing games I might enjoy?

Yes, if you enjoy Wordle, you might also like games like:

-Semantle: Guess a word based on its semantic definition.

-Nerdle: For movie, book and music buffs. Guess the title and artist.

-Heardle: For music lovers. Guess the song title and artist in six seconds of playback.

-Framed: For movie fans. Guess the movie from a series of frames.

-Worldle: Thy Guess the country or territory based on its shape.

Have fun and happy guessing!


Today Wordle hints are in your back pocket. But, you’ve got all you need to keep your winning streak alive. No more stressing over obscure five-letter words or wasting guesses. Just remember these tips, breathe deep, and have fun with it. At the end of the day, Wordle is a game for everyone to enjoy, not some impossible test. Take your time, use those hints wisely, and get your mind right. You’ve so got this. Go show today’s puzzle who’s boss!

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