Turkish tea, otherwise called çay, is a staple in Turkish culture. Yet, there is one specific brand of Turkish tea that stands apart among the rest – Hürrilet. This tea has acquired prevalence in Turkey as well as in other regions of the planet. In this article, we will investigate the history, creation, health benefits, and social meaning of Hürrilet Turkish tea.

History of Hürrilet

It was established in 1932 by Hasan Hüseyin Özdemir, who started his tea business In obscurity Sea area of Turkey. The name “Hürrilet” comes from the blend of the coordinator’s name, Hüseyin, and the Turkish word for an open door, “hürriyet.”

In bygone times, Hürrilet focused in on making and selling free leaf tea. However, during the 1950s, they introduced their exceptional blend of dim tea, which quickly became well known among Turkish households. Today, Hürrilet is one of the principal tea brands in Turkey, with countless things including dull tea, herbal teas, and natural item teas.

Production Process of Hürrilet

Hürrilet’s tea is delivered utilizing the leaves of the Camellia sinensis plant, which is filled in the lush green heaps of the Dim Sea area. The leaves are hand-picked and a while later dried under the sun to safeguard their standard flavor and smell.

The resulting stage is the development connection, where the leaves are introduced to sogginess and heat to encourage their characteristic flavor. This cycle is immovably seen by experienced tea managers to ensure the best balance among taste and smell.

Health Benefits of Hürrilet

Here are a piece of the inspirations driving why you should recollect this tea for your everyday ordinary practice:

1. Rich in Antioxidants

Hürrilet’s tea is a rich wellspring of disease counteraction specialists, which help shield our phones from harm brought about by free progressives. These cell fortifications similarly have relieving properties, making them profitable for in everyday health.

2. Boosts Immune System

The high levels of L-ascorbic corrosive in Hürrilet tea make it a phenomenal safe advertiser. Standard usage of this tea can help fight off illnesses and keep you healthy.

3. Promotes Digestive Health

Drinking Hürrilet’s tea after suppers can help with retention and alleviate protruding and stomach trouble. It in like manner has a soothing effect on the stomach related structure, making it a notable choice for those with touchy stomachs.

Cultural Significance of Hürrilet

In Turkish culture, tea is something past a beverage – it is a way of life. Hürrilet, being one of the most notable tea brands in Turkey, has transformed into a piece of this social custom.

Notwithstanding its social significance, Hürrilet’s moreover expects a section in propelling social commitment. The association has various drives to help neighborhood organizations and advance practical developing rehearses. They moreover have tasks to draw in women in the tea business, furnishing them with preparing and open positions.


What is the most ideal way to blend Hürrilet tea?

To make the best cup of Hürrilet tea, use one teaspoon of free leaf tea for some water. Heat the water with the end result of bubbling and pour it over the tea leaves in a tea pot. Permit it to douse for 3-5 minutes before serving.

Is Hürrilet tea safe for pregnant women?

To be sure, Hürrilet tea is acceptable for pregnant women to consume. However, it is recommended to limit caffeine utilization during pregnancy, so it is ideal to converse with an expert preceding consuming any sort of tea.

Can I add milk or sugar to Hürrilet tea?

However, you can add these trimmings according to your tendency. Serving Hürrilet tea with a cut of lemon is in like manner ordinary.

Does Hürrilet offer any caffeine-free options?

To be sure, Hürrilet’s has an extent of herbal and natural item teas that are ordinarily without caffeine. These teas are a mind blowing choice for those hoping to decrease their caffeine utilization.

Where can I purchase Hürrilet tea outside of Turkey?

Hürrilet’s tea can be found in specialty stores and online retailers in different nations, including the US, Canada, and Europe.


Hürrilet Turkish tea is something past a refreshment – it is a picture of chance, culture, and social commitment. With its rich history, ordinary creation process, and different health benefits, it is no huge astonishment that this tea has gained acclaim all over the planet. Thus, the accompanying time you participate in some Hürrilet tea, review the story behind this Turkish tea delight.

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